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Quattro technology

Quattro technology The ability to inspire driver confidence in getting traction when and where needed, regardless of road conditions, is a powerful one. So it’s no wonder that the notion of a car with permanent four-wheel drive was a revolutionary concept and set a new benchmark for driver safety and performance. Yet this is what

Useful Tech Inventions

Useful Tech Inventions An invention is a new composition, device, or process and may be derived from a pre-existing model or idea. Moreover, there is cultural invention, which is an innovative set of useful social behaviors adopted by people and passed on to others. An invention that is novel and not obvious to others skilled

Marine Technology

Marine Technology Marine technology refers to a vast umbrella of elements that have helped us to explore what lives in bodies of water. This includes saltwater of the oceans and the freshwater of various lakes. It is amazing how many living things are found in water. Learning about them helps use to find out how

Virginia Tech Basic Facts

Virginia Tech Basic Facts Virginia Tech (VT) is situated in Blacksburg, Virginia and is uniquely made up of nine colleges and graduate school. It boasts an impressive 60 bachelor’s degree programs alongside 140 masters and doctoral degree programs. The VT student body consists of more than 30,000 full-time students who are taught by a team

CCSGlobalTech Data warehousing

CCSGlobalTech Data warehousing CCSGlobalTech is the name of success for every business whether it is small or giant organizations. Through its result oriented resources it develops intelligent solutions for your business problems and makes your business not only popular but also valuable that results instant high ROI to an organization. It includes services from web

Ethernet Technology

Ethernet Technology People has known the Ethernet technology since coaxial cable connection system was created to comprise of various computers and technological devices by PARC or Palo Alto Research Center Inc. (then known as XEROX PARC). Therefore, it is the oldest yet mostly used for networking until the present day.   Three years later, a

PPC and Technology

PPC and Technology Pay Per Click is becoming increasingly popular. More and more businesses are using PPC instead of other types of advertising. This is expected to double over the next five years and PPC is likely to become more complex as it becomes more competitive. This could make technology more essential to running a

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